Halcon 1840(KML03)


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Halcon 1840


In the early 19th century in America were built many ships with similar hull lines. They were very quick and easy. It was the Baltimore clipper-schooner. They were used as vehicles for border patrols to combat illegal immigrants by sea pirates and ships as escorts.
Model of one of these schooners and offers you to perform a scale of 1:48, with the length of the model sailing ship, 750 mm, which is more accustomed to the ship models of middle and high price segment. The model is going to traditional typesetting by first going to have a frame made of laser cut parts, then it is sheathed rails. The first casing made of strips of 1.5 mm * 4, and the second from thin strips of mahogany, 4 mm wide. A feature of this model is the deck: there is a full and thick deck (which already marked the installation location of hull) and falshpaluba with markings on the individual boards and with simulated dowel. On deck installed several arrays (each of which is assembled from laser cut combs), bitt, nagelnye bars, spire, pump, etc. Almost all of these elements are assembled from carved wooden details. Armament consists of a large schooner 24-pounder guns and six 6-pounders. All the barrels of the guns turned in brass, and prefabricated wooden carriages. The manufacturer offers to harness guns (which makes sense for this size), to do this set has all the necessary elements. This schooner boat manufactured by external and internal cladding plastic shells.
For spars and rigging of the ship model provides two thread colors in five sizes, bright circular blanks mast diameter from 2 to 8 mm, semi blocks and deadeye, brass eyebolts. In this model sailboat sails are ready, that much will please modelers, not lying to sewing. Complete model of bright colorful Spanish flag and a wooden stand-base. As an aid in the assembly manufacturer offers a huge sheet with drawings and detailed colored step fotoinstruktsiyu (over 250 photos). 
Chinese language instruction.

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