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2019 Golden version the black Pearl ship kits in Z.H.L

(wooden model ship kis,DIY product)

The updated version of black pearl will be launched to the market at Jan 1st, 2019.


She is wooden model ship kits.(Made in china) DIY product


The ship size:800MM×280MM×700MM (31 inch)

  • She  is a plank on bulkhead kit .
  • All woods are laser cut for accuracy.
  • Fittings are made of cast metal, Brass , photoetched brass and hardwoods.
  • There are Bow and stern fillers so you can have a correct hull shape.
  • The Cannons comes in different sizes.
  • This kit also has cannon carriages where needed and gun port lids.
  • There are cloth sails, five diameters of rigging line, good plans,English manual,illustrated instructions and display cradle.

We are the manufacturer of this product, and we are the exclusive shop on EBAY.

1. How to choose Black Pearl

Answer: In terms of ship model, we have to be keen on the consitency between the structure of the model and the real one, the window of poop deck is arched, and the front is all standard structure like the real one ( at present the ship models manufactured by other company are somewhat shoddy, such as, with right-angle window or some inadequate structure in the front). The most important point lies in carving parts, which will make the whole look of ship model better, in our BLACK PEARL, the 3D designing of it is protected by our own patent(carving cannon convered), please support us)

The length of the ship model is 80cm, which is in accordance to the international atandard 1:50. This is a ghost ship, as it is too large to put in room, so the ones which is larger than 1 meter will be put in club place or in the parlour, seldom will it be a good choice as a lucky gift for friends. If you are the fans of Caribbean pirates, with the decoration of LED beads around, the whole model will be the best art work for you for all your life. If glass cover added, the place taken will be more than 1 metre in the house.

2. How to choose materials

Answer: double-side walnut wood and the walnut solid wood plank is suggested to be chosen to make the outstanding points of the model, please take a look at the picture carefully. Different from the 2mm thick common cottonwood or basswood from other companies. In terms of the difference, that is, after painted by wood oil painting , the walnut wood planks will take on the aging effect while painting in black is the only choice for basswood.

3. Will it be possible for people without any experience to complete the whole ship making?

Answer: Of course, the process will be broken down into details, and making the model step by step. In fact, it is not as difficult as you see or think, there a detailed instruction with more than 160 pages of colorful reference pictures in the kit, what's more, our considerate after-sale service will do you a favor anytime you have some problems.

4. How long will it take to complete the ship model?

Answer: It will take 160 working hours, that is to say 20-30 days at least. It is suggested to complete the ship model within 3 month for newbies, please remember, haste makes the waste.

5. What about the differences between this version and other versions?

Answer: it is updated version with specialized level carving parts and decoration parts( we have our own 3D design Intellectual property), as shown in the picture. There are a lot of modifications when compared with the previous versions, with high similarity to tools in movie and higher suitability in making process.

6. Why here is the first choice to buy the model ship kit?

Answer: Moling Manufacturing Company has developed the world earliest Black Pearl since 2007, it was also the first version for Black Pearl, till now there are 3 versions in total, and Version 2016 is the latest. The sales amount is over 3000 kits all over the world, and there are also some pirates or low-quality ones in the market. I highly recommond buyers treasure the original intellectual property and take Black Pearl Version Golden 2016  which is manufactured by Moling as the first choice. Thanks for your support.

7. Should Black Pearl be painted?

Answer: Yes, it is suggested to use PEBEO brank painting (from France) to paint the ship model. As it is a classic model, lacquer or oil painting is not recommended, the glisten effect will ruin the whole look and temperament of the ship model.

8. Do all the materials and tool needed covered into the ship model kit?

Answer: All the materials and parts needed in making process are covered in the kit, however, other necessary materials or tools  like knife, mini drill, file, tweezer, sand, super glue, iron and paintings are also needed.( please be informed that there is no puppet in the original kit).

 photo 1a_zpsw7npr7za.jpg 

The following 5 pictures represent all the updating parts.

 photo E2_zps0h7bxkc6.jpg

 photo E1_zpsei6obhyj.jpg

 photo E3_zpsojln3iob.jpg

 photo E4_zpssdtb5fpb.jpg

 photo E3a_zpsbzessx8c.jpg

  photo 1a_zpsw7npr7za.jpg 

  photo 2_zpsarcmcr2p.jpg   

 photo 3_zps0wyro0tj.jpg   

 photo 4_zps90wagesm.jpg   

 photo 5_zpstixcbgor.jpg  

 photo 10_zpsp4bnqes6.jpg   

 photo 8_zpsiv65unbr.jpg   

 photo 6_zps5frjbub0.jpg   

 photo 9_zpsif7zw66h.jpg   

 photo 7_zps3lc4zla8.jpg   

The fans' picture-sharing

----------------------------------------------------------------  photo E6_zps3szir9wt.png

 photo E7_zpscj21mjns.png

 photo E10_zpsr1nzkwza.png

 photo E8_zpsdl9kvafl.png

 photo E9_zpsuomnhqog.png

 photo 1509725401_IMG_1806_zpscgwzjs36.jpg

 photo ebca51b6-a24c-424c-8f1c-7ecf3c50f08c_zpsrafutqfa.jpg  


 photo 14_zpsnowcvcfb.jpg   

 photo 13_zps7ewuep6v.jpg    

 photo 12_zps4gzwrgfh.jpg   

 photo 11_zpseg3gbgni.jpg     

 photo 15_zpsmwf2evfz.jpg   

 photo 16_zpszag8i4hs.jpg   

 photo 28_zps8daffhvc.jpg  

 photo 23_zpskxu9oimb.jpg  

 photo DSC_0195_zps5qocqzc9.jpg 

 photo DSC_0183_zpswu0lhqu0.jpg 

 photo DSC_0203_zpspirzgnza.jpg

 photo 22_zpsiyk1ojbs.jpg   

 photo 21_zpsilqyb1zu.jpg   

 photo 24_zpskkjzmsgm.jpg  

 photo 25_zpsgptjsbr4.jpg  

 photo 26_zpssk384irv.jpg  

 photo DSC_0222_zpszuvphpay.jpg 

 photo DSC_0224_zpsipk5nq06.jpg  

 photo 27_zps5hcfro9l.jpg  

 photo 29_zpspiuhjism.png  

 photo 30_zpsnglcn7it.png  

 photo 33_zpsd8hdtsoz.jpg  

 photo 17_zpstsr6u77i.jpg 

 photo 18_zpsj5v10wmx.jpg  

 photo 19_zpsalju35n6.jpg 

 photo 20_zpsll5qpmoj.jpg 

Please be informed that there is no puppet in the original kit. 

 photo DSC_0261_zpsqg4xmzjr.jpg  

 photo DSC_0263_zpsgbf2wypx.jpg  

 photo DSC_0266_zpsrjsd7tzx.jpg  

 photo DSC_0267.JPG_zpszwotny0w.jpg  

 photo DSC_0269_zps7ygtxs3k.jpg  

 photo DSC_0270_zpsy6pzpsbl.jpg  

 photo DSC_0271_zpsdpufweqr.jpg  

 photo DSC_0272_zpsldzsms9d.jpg  

 photo DSC_0273_zpsvsth5nf4.jpg  

 photo DSC_0274_zpsezh1kknv.jpg  

 photo DSC_0277_zps1yag9ko2.jpg

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ S1  。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。



Black pearl legend:

The Black Pearl, originally HEIC Wicked Wench, is a ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. The Black Pearl is easily recognised by her distinctive black hull and sails. This turns out to be an advantage in more than one way. Not only do the black sails act as a sort of intimidation tactic, but the Pearl's crew can put out the deck lamps for added stealth at night. The ship was originally named Wicked Wench before she was ordered burned and sunk by Lord Beckett. It was later raised from the sea floor by Davy Jones after making a pact with Jack Sparrow who rechristened her The Black Pearl. She is said to be, "nigh uncatchable". Indeed, in the three films she either overtakes or flees all other ships, including the Interceptor (regarded as the fastest ship in the Caribbean) and the Flying Dutchman (which is actually faster against the wind). Her speed is derived from the large amount of sails she carries. She is quoted in At World's End as being The only ship as wot (which) can outrun the Flying Dutchman.

The Black Pearl was captained by Jack Sparrow for two years. The crew was heading to the mysterious Isla de Muerta where the legendary Chest of Cortes was hidden. Captain and crew agreed to equal shares of the treasure, but First Mate Hector Barbossa persuaded Jack that equal shares included knowing the treasure's location. Jack complied, and soon after Barbossa led a mutiny and marooned Jack on an island. I'm sure you know the rest of the story.

In the first movie, the Black Pearl was a steel barge with wooden structures built on top to resemble a real ship. In addition, a soundstage set was used to achieve better control over fog machines. For the second and third movies, a floating sailing ship was actually built in the shipyards at Bayou La Batre inAlabama on the hull of ship Sunset to serve as the set, though it is not an authentic tall ship.


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