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Material: the main parts are made from wood, and the accessories are made from matel or plastic( as there will be some adjustment of the wood material by manufacturer, if you want to now the detailed informations about the wooden part, please consult us.

General Instruction: Leodow (1800-1900)

Leodow is a typical Mediterranean ship, and its early original version is a sailship with 2 masts leaning towards the head of the ship. In the later age, slant masts instead of the former version, as the sail on the first mast become larger, more wind will become the power, which makes it easier to control.The deck is quite solid and arched, so the water can drainded from both sides, in order to protect the cargo. In common situation, it is used to transport different kinds of fabric, food, cheese, vegetables and wine. It can fight with bad weather. Its main usage is transportation, the common weight is about 15 tons to 20 tons, length 15- 16 meters, and the width is about 5 meters. As the bottom of the ship is flat, it can be dragged onto the beach, so it is widely used in places where there is not dock or port in Mediterranean area.


    Though the price is low, it is entry level ancient sail model for children or entry level fans to make. basic tools and accessories are needed, a little hard to make( different from the plastic ones which need polishing and correction adjustment), the material for sharing and learning will be provided in the forum, order after consideration, and children can order it with the help and suggestion of teacher or parents.

    This is a kit for youth, which do a lot of good to the wisdom and handwork development of youth, also a milestone for fans to step into the ancient model ship area, children could make the model under the survailence of parents or teachers to avoid being hurt by the knife, blade or drill and so on by mistake.

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