Marmara Trade Boat KS13


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Marmara Trade Boat 

Scale  1:48
Size    L:432mm   H:396mm

kit introduction to :

1 : boat expansion shell 

2 : middle part is full solid wood frame work , manufacturing the slipways 

3 : etching decorative pattern 

4 : have canvas 

5 : Size 0 lengthen drawings , multicolour rope diagrammatize 

6 : t2 cannibalizes a set of 2 only

marmara trade boat brief introduction:

   marmaray trade ( 16 - 19 century ) , hausmann bosporus coasting ship . the ship appear in roughly 16 century to 19 mid-20th century the dardanelles and istanbul channel and waters , usually be used for transporting lightduty goods .

    them is designed for the professional marinetransport , different type of marmaray trade each other signature very similar . their length usually for 15 - 20 meters , dardanelles built in 's izmit bay and gulf zce .

   according to & ldquo . souvenirs de marine & rdquo . drawings record of , original her measurement for long 15 meters , wide 3.83 meters , depth of 2 m . stern bow and a deck , belowdecks have two small storage . to protect the goods from sun and rain effect of the , usually goods hidden in underdeck , whereas clausesthatprecede deck above the goods , routinely cover thick canvas to prevent injuries .

    The ship two side attached four wedge , cooperate with detachable panel , the crew can easily on springboard , with a light in ship anteroposterior deck monch . due marmaray shipform both isconvoluting , hull solidness again , its main keel additional outside the two additional auxiliary keel , to reduce the shore possible hull harmed . the ship with a cantilever sail , two trigonometric sail and three bentinck sail . other , exercitor the mast general on the department of multicolour banner , used barges of nongraphite its or port . bow and decoration have both sides of the stern gold plated wood of anaglyph vine regiments and other sculpture accessories , rudder at the same time and rudder handle on also decorated with ottoman gold plated vine . standing sternwards steersman rah-rah , control deck . big arc bending 's rudder handle to the helmsman 's operation own , therefore people in quarterdeck added some auxiliary facilities to relieve pressure . steersman complete reference


    It is entry level ancient sail model for children or entry level fans to make. basic tools and accessories are needed, a little hard to make( different from the plastic ones which need polishing and correction adjustment), the material for sharing and learning will be provided in the forum, order after consideration, and children can order it with the help and suggestion of teacher or parents.

    This is a kit for youth, which do a lot of good to the wisdom and handwork development of youth, also a milestone for fans to step into the ancient model ship area, children could make the model under the survailence of parents or teachers to avoid being hurt by the knife, blade or drill and so on by mistake.

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