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Cannon of napoleon's time



    In Napoleon Period (1792-1815), cannon technology has been developed rapidly. at that time, the advancement of metallurgy and metal processing technology make the cannon convenient to carry, and become a kind of weapon for infantry and cavalry, providing power support. As the surge of cannon from European army, it become the main force in a war, which deciding the result of the war.

  The common size of the equipment in Napoleon Period are 3 pounds, 6 pounds or 4 pounds, 8 pounds, 12 pounds and field-operartion size. Different from the warship cannon and fortress cannon, the field-operation one should accompany the infantry, so require high maneuverability, so the caliber and firing range is low. This one is 12 pounds of field-operation one (artificial), which belongs to cannon category, it is a little longer and with straight trajectory when compared with carronade and howitzer.

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