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REQUIN 1750(KL06)


Yet another superb replica from ZHL. My kit was received within 4 days of placing my order and arrived safely and it was with the usual excitement that i explored the two boxes to examine the contents.

I am continually amazed at the fidelity and accuracy of ZHL's lazer cutting and the jigging of the hull components to ensure alignment with accuracy. Yes I started building once i had studied the English instruction book with exquisite coloured step by step photos and the 3 large plan sheets.

All parts slot together first and then you can glue the entire hull sub assembly knowing all parts are as they should be. The decks are represented by some very thin Teak veneers with the plank spaces lazer cut into the sheets, they look just like they were individually planked.

The remainder of the kit is made up of many lazer cut sheets, a sizable photo etched sheet and fittings. All the cannon are machined in brass with their barrels drilled out. There is also a clear acrylic display stand, all rigging materials and dowels. You will find the English translated instructions a tad difficult at times but referring to the photos and or plans will bring it all together.

Another impressive model from ZHL and such good value considering the prices for the European manufactured kits and the quality is there if your prepared to take your time dealing with some Chines language. The photos accompanied with each kit are very comprehensive.

Cheers from Australia

Tony Williams
Date Added: 06/05/2016 by Tony Williams
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