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HMS Royal Caroline 1749 with mast-1:30(KL08)


WOW I am dumbfounded and in awe of the contents of the 3 boxes i received recently that being the 1/30th scale replica of the Royal Caroline.

It was with some trepidation that i parted with more than two thousand dollars and the biggest single purchase i will ever make on a wooden model kit. All fears were eased with regular contact with Max via e mail and of course the kits arrival.

It was the shear scale of the model that got me in, yes, there are physically larger ships out there but not to this large scale and to create a work of art that has a state and dining room complete with photos on the walls, functional lighting and parquetry floors was irresistible least of all the stunning exterior.

All exquisite carvings a represented in Boxwood and any wood work requiring shaping or carving is done for you. If i had one slightly negative comment it would be the use of some plastic dead-eyes and or blocks as well as the qaulity of the paper used for the plans. There fully usable though and this is nitpicking given the very high quality of the kits contents.

I always had some concern over no English Instructions but with the high level of pre fabrication in ornate details the accompanying full colour photo book, black and white photos of over two hundred assembly steps and lastly video files on 3 cd,s showing much of the construction the assembly process ahead looks like it will be enjoyable and manageable.

The high initial outlay once divided into the many hours of consuming assembly still makes this a very inexpensive hobby and my, what a master piece to proudly display once completed.

Take the plunge, its stunning.

Cheers from Australia

Tony Williams
Date Added: 12/31/2015 by Tony Williams
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